Football Manager 2024 marks the end of an era as the series undergoes significant transformations, making its way to Game Pass.

Get ready for an exciting future in the world of Football Manager as the series celebrates its remarkable 20-year legacy. Football Manager 2024 has been dubbed the “last of its kind” in a recent blog post, hinting at the arrival of significant changes and updates in the upcoming release.

The post delves into the improvements awaiting players in Football Manager 2024, promising bug fixes and resolution of known issues from previous versions. Excitingly, the blog reveals that save data will be transferable across different iterations of the game. So, if you’re emotionally attached to a file in Football Manager 23, you can carry it forward into the next game, including Football Manager 25, despite the notable changes that lie ahead.

Building on the massive success of Football Manager 2023 on Game Pass, Football Manager 2024 is set to follow suit and join the service. This move reflects the game’s growing popularity and its impact on the series’ history.

Looking ahead to Football Manager 2025, the blog post unveils the game as the “next revolution” in the series, drawing a parallel to the addition of the 3D engine in Football Manager 09. For the first time, the game will transition to a new engine called Unity, chosen by a dedicated team called Project Dragonfly, who sought to tackle the technical future of the series. Football Manager 2025 will introduce cutting-edge animation technology, with improvements in ball physics, player locomotion, and visual updates to models, stadiums, and environments.

Moreover, fans of women’s football have reason to rejoice, as Football Manager will finally include this long-awaited addition. While more details will be revealed in a future blog post, the announcement confirms the imminent arrival of women’s teams in the game.

The blog post concludes with a tentative release window for Football Manager 25 in Q2 2024. Until then, fans can expect further updates on Football Manager 24 through blog posts, videos, and other official channels.

With these groundbreaking updates, Football Manager solidifies its position as the premier sports management game. Whether you’re a devoted longtime fan or a newcomer, now is the perfect time to join the Football Manager community and witness the remarkable shift in the series’ history. Stay tuned to official channels for more exciting updates on this transformative journey.

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