Doctor Who All I Want For Christmas Is WHO Crocs


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Doctor Who All I Want For Christmas Is WHO Crocs

Doctor Who All I Want For Christmas Is WHO Crocs are the perfect gift for any Whovian this holiday season. These Crocs feature a fun Doctor Who design, featuring the iconic time-travelling police box, the TARDIS, and one of the Doctor’s signature catchphrases, “All I Want For Christmas Is WHO”. These slip-on shoes have comfortable insoles and feature advanced toe box ventilation, so your feet will stay cool and comfortable during those long days of holiday shopping. They also have heel straps for a secure fit, and they are lightweight and durable enough to withstand any time travelling adventures you might find yourself on. Get your hands on these Doctor Who All I Want For Christmas Is WHO Crocs and show off your love for the Doctor this holiday season.
I’ve been a huge fan of Doctor Who ever since it first aired back in the 1960s, so when I saw the Doctor Who- themed Crocs, I was immediately excited. The crocs feature festive and iconic patterns, colors, and symbols from some of the most beloved Doctor Who episodes, movies, and spin-offs. From the Cybermen skiing down the snowy hill to the TARDIS taking off into the sky, the designs capture the magic of the Doctor Who universe. The breathable holes also make them ideal for any Whovian who needs a comfortable and stylish footwear to show off on the cold winter days.The memories that come back as I slip into my Doctor Who-themed crocs make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The crocs remind me of all my favorite Doctor Who episodes and characters, and just how far the show has come over the years. From a robot dog to an all-time favorite Sonic Screwdriver, the Doctor Who-themed crocs bring back all the excitement I get with every new Doctor Who season.Wearing the Doctor Who-themed crocs also helps me to make a statement. As an avid fan of Doctor Who, I take pride in showing my fandom, especially on a day as special as Christmas. Wherever I go, I can be sure that the Doctor Who-themed Crocs will turn a few heads and make it known that I am a huge Doctor Who fan.Above all, my Doctor Who-themed Crocs make me feel as though I’m always on the right side of time and space. From Downey to Trumpy, no matter the absurdity in the world, I know that long as I’m wearing my Doctor Who-themed Crocs, I am perfectly at home.

Doctor Who All I Want For Christmas Is WHO Crocs Information:.


  • Suitable for 4 seasons, very fashionable and active.
  • Comfortable operation without the fear of falling due to the lanyard.
  • Suitable for special occasions such as Christmas, birthday, celebration, housewarming gift.


  • Made of 100% eva, this crocs has an effective waterproof?ability.
  • Resistant to the impact of weather such as rain, sunshine … at the same time is resistant to the destruction of chemicals.
  • Light weight, Environmentally friendly without mold.
  • Around the slippers and on the surface of the slippers there are many ventilation holes, drainage helps the feet stay ventilated, cool and comfortable.

PRINTS:Dye-sublimation printing

WASHABLE:Machine Wash

Doctor Who All I Want For Christmas Is WHO Crocs,Doctor Who All I Want For Christmas Is WHO Crocs


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